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F.R.E.E. exists to stand in the gap between Atlanta families facing homelessness and traditional services that often require families to separate in order to receive assistance. We believe Families Can Thrive, and that living under one roof as a family is a critical factor for success.


Families facing homelessness have varying and complex needs that you can help meet by supporting F.R.E.E.

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Traditional homeless assistance is designed for temporary, individual assistance. There is a services gap for families who wish to live together.

Most homeless shelters separate men from women and children. These policies were developed in an effort to keep everyone safe, especially women and children in extremely vulnerable circumstances. We believe these policies have altruistic roots, but they create a services gap for families facing homelessness.

  • Children under the age of 18 comprise 23% of the homeless population in Georgia, and 8% are between the ages of 18 and 24.
  • 36% of imminently homeless families in Georgia in 2017 were were families with at least one child.
  • 59%indicated that their current housing situation was caused by unemployment, while 29% had employment income and 31% of households were receiving SNAP benefits.

(Source: 2017 Report on Homelessness)