"One of the most difficult things to give away can be kindness. But it finds its way back to you."

About F.R.E.E.


Housing assistance

F.R.E.E. (Family Resource Economic Empowerment) is dedicated to assisting families facing homelessness in Atlanta, Georgia.

F.R.E.E. provides temporary housing for families for up to 12 months at no cost to them. In addition to assisting with housing, our organization helps families with:

  • Daycare assistance and summer programming
  • Transportation to work or school
  • Lunch for kids
  • Job counseling
  • Banking Assistance


Homelessness can have long-lasting and devastating impacts on families. Most shelters offer separate facilities - one for men, and one for women and children. Some shelters also exclude teens from entering the women and children shelter facility. When a family unit is facing homelessness, they may be faced with the choice of staying together as a family or having a safe place to sleep at night. F.R.E.E. exists to stand in the gap between traditional services offered to those facing homelessness with a family-friendly solution leading to long-term positive outcomes.

The mission of F.R.E.E is to keep families together, rather than dividing a family in their darkest hours due to shelter regulations. F.R.E.E. believes families have a better opportunity to rebuild their lives when a family unit is kept together.

Families can thrive

Support families facing homelessness